Master Thesis


I Need to write a Master thesis on enhancing automation methods under the IT Compliance regulations.

Must be 50 pages excluding the list of References and table of contents

It should be related to IT compliance for an organisation what are the new trends in compliance 

what automation can be done with 1-2 examples

what will be the effect on the Internal IT process and how will it affect the external audit of the company


Structure of the Thesis is :

Abstract (Idea behind writing this topic as thesis and other important information)

Chapter 1 : introduction should be in 3-4 chapters with some basic information before starting the sub chapter

sub chapters would be

1.1 what is Compliance

1.2 what is IT Compliance

1.3 What is IT Compliance mean for Product based company

1.4 what is IT compliance mean for Service based company

1.5 what is IT Compliance process at SAP

1.6 What are Advantages and disadvantages with the current IT compliance process 

Chapter 2: New Trends

short introduction on what are the new Trends in IT compliance and its automation

2.1 the new ideas and new trends happening in regards to IT compliance (e.g new regulations) include examples of automation

2.2 leading trends or ideas used by the Auditing companies for IT compliance automation

2.3 Best Practices across other companies including the automation for IT compliance process

2.4 redesign the current process used by SAP with the examples from best practices (2.3) and include Automation methods

2.5 How to integrate it with SAP

Chapter 3: introduction using 2.5 sub chapter perform a validation of redesigned model 

3.1 Conduct a survey using the old against new model

3.2 Come to analysis

3.3 Did it help the situation and how much automation is practically possible and end to end process automation is possible or not

Chapter 4: Conclusion & Recommendations.

4.1 Conclusion of the thesis

4.2 Recommendations on how can it be more improved

Chapter 5: Referenecs

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