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Display rules for different types of emotions were discussed within this chapter. It is also notable that display rules are different among various cultures. Compare and contrast display rules for ONE emotion when compared to American culture. You can use your individual culture or a culture that interests you as a reference for comparison. There is NO need to define display rules in your post, anyone who read for this week will know what a display rule is and it will be redundant to list it here,.

Good posts for this assignment will include:

- A statement regarding which emotion you are describing

- An example of a display rule for the emotion you chose

- Comparing statements regarding the display rule and another culture

- Contrasting statements regarding the display rule and another culture

question no 1should have 1 and half page .

2. There are three types of needs according to McClelland's theory. Pick a need and describe a hobby or job that an individual may enjoy according to the need of your choice. Be sure to state the need and provide justification for why the individual would enjoy the hobby or job that you chose.

Requirement: 100 - 200 words maximum 

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