complete the same assignment, but select a store like Best Buy, Apple, or a similar store that has actual salespeople. You will need to do this while safely social distancing. Replace recruiter with salesperson. If you are unable to do this in person, try it with a salesperson online.

For the assignment please answer the following questions analyzing the recruiter's efforts promotion their company and positions. In addition please describe how you promoted yourself as a candidate for the position.

1. What was your primary objective in meeting the recruiter?

2. What was your secondary objective?

Analyzing the Recruiter

3. Who is the recruiter - please provide the name, title, company.

4. What did the recruiter say to start to build rapport with you? 

5. How did they qualify your needs? 

6. How did they show their positions would meet your needs? 

7. How did they close - what was the next step?

Analysis of Your Sales Effort:

8. What did you say to build rapport with them?

9. What did you do to qualify their needs?

10. How did you show you could meet their needs?

11. How did you close - ask for the opportunity?

12. Did you meet your primary or secondary sales goals?

No MLA citations are needed for this assignment.

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