Market Analysis


For this market analysis, we are interested in your perspectives on the opportunities and challenges of a market within which you may start a company. This assignment builds upon your work with your industry analysis. With the industry analysis focusing on your competitive environment and related industry factors, this market analysis focuses on customers and the macroeconomic changes that you may experience as you compete within your chosen industry. 

Be sure to use the "Research" links as follows:

In a first-person narrative of approximately 4 single-spaced pages (This is including the works cited page and no title page needed) (12 point, Times New Roman, 1" margins), we ask that you explore the questions discussed in our module on macroeconomic change, with specific attention to these key questions:

  • What demographic changes are creating new market needs?
  • What psychographic changes are opportunistic?
  • What technical advancements are emerging?
  • What societal changes are presenting new opportunities?
  • What political and regulatory forces will influence the market?

Our objective with this assignment is to help you understand market dynamics, and how to compete effectively within your chosen market.

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