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This research paper will focus on issues and concerns with Patch Management.  With the advent of many types of software and systems, patch management is major nightmare.  Patching the system may cause the system to crash, and not patching it can leave it vulnerable to attacks.  Please research the issues and concerns with patch management and provide your views on the topic. Please consider this at an enterprise level where the complexity is increased exponentially with the increase in the number of systems.

Paper Requirements:

  • APA Format
  • Number of Pages: 2 – 3 full pages of content not including Cover, Table of Contents, PICs/Graphs and References.
  • DO NOT quote more than 25% of others work in your paper.
  • Turnitin comparison will be completed.

Patch Management methodology (Links to an external site.) white paper in the SANS reading rooms would serve as a good start for your research.

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