Management Capstone Exam

  • To access the Comp-XM exam you need to log in with your original account on Capsim (not the footrace account you created).
  • Click on the open exam link you see in the Comp-XM area on your main dashboard.
    • It is self-paced
    • You may not contact CapSim support nor me with questions, so be sure you have completed all preparations
  • The exam closes next Wednesday night.
  • Remember, this is the generous grading curve I shared with you in Chat. If you get 600 or above you get all 150 points in the grade book and on down from there.

150 points = 600 or above on CompXM

 140 points = 500 to 599 points

 130 points = 400 to 499

 120 = 300 to 399

 110 = 200 to 299

 100 = 100 to 199

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Purchase the answer to view it

  • (DUE JUNE 18, 2019 at 12:00 EST!!!)

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    Here are the parameters for this exam:

    • You MUST work independently of all other class members in a MGT 4660 course, in other words, you work alone;
    • You can take the exam any time in the window of …

  • I need to complete capsim - xm See attachmenets

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    Unit 5 IP

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