Make a detailed outline


Use the attached Detailed Assignment to develop your Manuscript Speech.  The majority of this speech will be the excerpts that you select from a historic/famous speech.  Use these links, to find a suitable speech.  I recommend that you take some time to select a speech that interests you, rather than selecting the first one on the lists.  You will have to create a proper Introduction, Conclusion and connectives (transitions) between main ideas (excerpts).  Use your newly perfected internet searching skills to find a speech transcript that interests you.  If you need a nudge, here are some good online resources for famous speech transcripts (cut and paste into your browser).  I recommend that you read through several speech transcripts to find the one that you wish to excerpt for the body of your Manuscript Speech.

Once you have selected the speech you would like to excerpt for your Manuscript speech, you are ready to do your research and start drafting your Preparation Outline.  After you have drafted, practiced, and revised your Manuscript Speech, upload your Preparation Outline, (use the template in Syllabus, Forms & Links) Works Cited, and Handout (these three documents are known as the Speech Package) to this Drop Box.

** You will be delivering this speech in the AV channel, which means that you do not need live listeners for this speech.  Deliveries in the AV channel are made for a remote audience (your Peer Reviewers and me) who view your video at a later date.  Be careful -- this type of delivery is not as easy as it sounds!  For example, your "eye-contact" connection will have to be with the camera, because your listeners are not in the room with you.  In addition, you will not be able to rely upon nonverbal feedback to let you know how you are doing.  For these reasons, you may want to think about having a videographer (a.k.a. live listner who holds your phone/recording device).

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