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he following discussion comes from your week 6 readings. Outside research to address these issues is encouraged. I would suggest using the online library for additional sources of information and research.  In addition, I would recommend utilizing the legal studies program guide. Please remember to cite your references. 

While a bunch of neighbors were finishing a late night dinner on the patio of a home, a man wearing a ski mask and carrying a gun visible to all leaped onto the patio and demanded money, threatening to shoot someone if his demand was denied.  The man took off his ski mask and took some chicken wings.  After eating a few of them he commented the food was very good. The neighbors offered him more food, and he put his gun in his belt.  He apologized and told them he had come to the wrong house.  The man left, stealing nothing and hurting no one.  

Did the person commit the crime of attempted robbery or robbery under the MPC?  Can he argue successfully that he abandoned his criminal activity before a crime was committed?

Week Six: Sex Offenses and Crimes Against Property

This week we study Sex Offenses & Crimes against Property. In addition to studying what constitutes a sex crime, we learn about crimes involving force, fear, and physical restraint such as battery, assault, kidnapping and false imprisonment. Also, in chapter 10 we review domestic violence and stalking. In chapter 11 we analyze crimes against property such as theft, larceny, embezzlement, Extortion, Robbery, and Receiving Stolen Property.

the link for chapter 10 and 11

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