Live Classical / Jazz Concert Report 2


attached assignment requirements as well as will attach below my notes to use to complete the assignment. 



Concert Setting
Date of Concert:  March 3, 2020
Place of Concert: Shea Center for Performing Arts-William Paterson University
Name of group(s) performing:
Brian McCarthy Nonet – “The Better Angels of our Nature”
Briefly describe the concert setting (hall, performers’ dress).
Auditorium held up to possibly 500 people, maybe about 50 people attended
Group wore Black and Dark Gray Suits
Were concert programs provided?  _X_ yes ___ no. If yes, attach a copy.
Were program notes provided?  _X_ yes ___ no.
Were there any spoken remarks about the concert?  ___ yes _X_ no.
Could you follow the order of the concert?  _X_ yes ___ no.
Were there any aspects of concert conventions that surprise you? _______________N/A

Concert Music
Which genres of music were performed (such as symphony or sonata)? Jazz inspired music
Did you read about any of the works performed?  _x_ yes ___ no.
If yes, where? _X_ program notes ___textbook ___ outside reading
Were any of the works programmatic (with literary or pictorial associations)? __ yes __x_ no.
What historical eras were represented on the program?
___ pre-1600 ___Baroque _X_ Classical __ Romantic __x_ 20th century

Choose two works from the program. Name the composer, the work, and the movement (if applicable), and compare the works in the following outline.

Composer:  ___McCarthy______
Title:    ___Shiloh_____
or Section:  ___unsure
Melody:  ___low to high beat no melody no one in band sings
Meter:  ___triple____________
Texture:  ___homophonic______
Tempo:  Andantino (slightly faster than adequate)
Dynamics:  ___soft at opening piano and saxophone,____
__slow and steady, picks up beat, slows back then, feel the sadness
Instruments:  Saxophones, trumpet, piano, bass, drums
Mood:  __sad, soft, quiet_________
Other:  ___________________

Composer:  ___McCarthy______
Title:  __Battle Cry of Freedom
or Section:  unsure
Melody:  low due to bass – then other instruments chime in beat picks up faster  
Meter:  ___duple____________
Texture:  ___homophonic______
Tempo:  starts Grave (slow and solemn) picks up Allegreto (moderately fast)
Dynamics:  __pianissimo (soft)
Instruments:  Saxophones, trumpet, piano, bass, drums
Mood:  __relaxed, uplifting_________
Other:  ___________________
What was your overall reaction to the concert?
__ enjoyed it a lot
_x__ enjoyed it somewhat
___ did not enjoy it much
___ did not enjoy it at all
What did you like about it? I enjoyed some of the music, my favorite was Brian McCarthy’s piece “Shiloh” it was sad but, you could actually feel the sadness as if you almost experienced what was transpiring in the civil war era

What did you not like about it? Overall, I like it but, there were certain pieces that were okay.
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