Please help me to write: Readings - Act 2, Scenes 1,2, and 3. 

Reaction Paper:  Please read  Act II, Scene 1 . Before reading Act 2 and completing the writing assignments, read "Symbols and Metaphors in Fences"  

 Towards the end of Act II, Scene I, both Troy and Rose have monologues (a speech presented by a single character). Begin your analysis with Troy's monologue that begins, "Rose, I done tried to live decent," and read on through the end of Scene 1, which includes Rose's monologue which begins, "I been standing with you!" 

Compare and contrast Troy's baseball metaphor in his monologue to Rose's plant metaphor in her monologue. What differences do they reveal in their understanding of life, marriage, and responsibility through these metaphors.

This response should be at least 3 paragraphs--one to explain and analyze Troy's metaphor, one to explain and analyze Rose's metaphor, and one that compares/contrasts their metaphors and what they reveal about their different views of life, marriage and responsibility.

Discussion Paper:  Please read  Act 2, Scenes 1,2,3 

 Choose 2 key passages from this reading (Act 2, Scenes 1,2,3) that refer to fences, and analyze what the metaphors mean, what they reveal about the characters/their relationships. Think about what the various fences are keeping in, and what they are keeping out. Please write 1 full paragraph. 

Response to discussion:  Please write 1-2 sentences to another student for the same discussion.

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