" "Coming Awake" in New Poems(24) by D.H. Lawrence 

When I woke, the lake-lights were quivering on the wall, 

The sunshine swam in a shoal across and across, 

And a hairy, big bee hung over the primulas In the window, his body black fur, and the sound of him cross. 

There was something I ought to remember: and yet I did not remember. 

Why Should I? The running lights And the airy primulas, oblivious Of the impending bee -- they were fair enough sights."

Using the above poem from module in the course to analyze in detail. In this journal entry, you will begin developing your research and pre-writing for the paper. Firstly, in this entry you will identify the text that you want to write about. Next, you will identify a theme, question, or specific interpretive challenge that you would like to explore in more detail through your paper. Finally, you will briefly explain what your motivation is for this essay. What knowledge do you hope to gain from this research? What is at stake in this study? What are some of the potential personal, social, cultural, or even political consequences of conducting this research? In other words, why does your research matter?  

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