Many of you have inquired about extra credit opportunities, so the following mini paper is what I have come up with:

You will be required to visit a museum and interpret a piece of art. You can either physically go to the museum, or visit the website. The piece of art can be from any time period or any geographic location (that you have not yet discussed in this course). You must interpret/analyze the piece of art given its geographical, historical, cultural (etc) context. I would also like to read about the purpose of the piece and its message. Feel free to use the strategies of interpreting art as defined by the textbook. This paper should be about a page long. I would prefer that you do not use any outside material, and rely only on your own critical thinking skills. However, if you do use  outside research, you MUST cite the material (quotes and paraphrasing) that is not your own--otherwise you will not get any credit.Also be sure to include your own thoughts if you use outside research. 

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