Literary Analysis Paper



Your task is to write will write a literary analysis of no fewer than 750 words on your chosen given topic.

Choose the topic below that corresponds with the novel you read in the novel study. The introduction should include a clear thesis (not a restatement of the prompt), which should be the claim upon which your essay will be built. Each body paragraph should begin with a strong topic sentence (an assertion), and contain evidence from the novel, as well as your own commentary, which will connect your evidence with the claim. End your essay with a strong conclusion in which you again revisit your thesis statement and give your reader "food for thought"-- what didn't you say in your essay that is relevant to the overall essay and your assertion?


Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
Review the following themes of the novel:

  1. Parents must take responsibility for their children, and creators must take responsibility for their creations.
  2. Nature is a source of solace and inspiration.
  3. Manipulation of nature has devastating effects.
  4. Excessive pursuit of knowledge or ambition leads to destruction.
  5. Human beings need love and companionship; repeated rejection and alienation leads to antisocial behavior.

Choice #1: Choose one of the above themes, and analyze how Shelley expresses the theme in the novel.

Choice #2: Analyze a key scene from the novel, discussing how this scene in particular advances one of Shelley's major themes. In the introduction, contextualize the scene (where in the novel it is located, what characters are present). Then have a clear thesis in which you make your assertion about the scene's importance (to plot, character, and theme).

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