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Analysis of Brittany coopers, "maybe I will be a poet, rapper: hip-hop feminism in the push." 

There was a decrease in the number of female rappers in the 1sr decade of the 21st century. The feminine culture had shifted its views to other types of music. There was a positive addition to the street music .the push period acted as the bridge the joined the earlier generation to the black women's writings. In the past, the musicians came up with instruments due to the lack of resources such as adequate finances. (Brittney 57)

How does Cooper organize her argument?

The argument is organized by the fact that she has put the articles into a number of the stage that are separated by the use of a short story and the use of many rhetorical questions. There is also a level of efficiency in the way the information gas been [presented because the information cannot appear boring to anyone who is reading.

Techniques used

There has been the use of the technique of repetition to engage the reader. The word: “breaks’” has been seen to come up in the article several times. (Jangula 63)

Also, the use of stories within the article has helped coper to engage the reader and ask the reader to agree with the reader. After a couple of paragraphs, there are short stories that are popping up within the contact.

Leaning from literature 

Cooper has used her writing styles to mean many things by the use of single words. An example is work like hip-hop. It has been given a variety of meanings in the text.

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