Creation is defined as the action or process of bringing something into existence according to google. In numerous epic stories, we have watched God/Gods form everything we know today to exist. Genisis, Yhi, and Popul Vuh will express many differences in the story of creation, but they all share one thing in common. Whether it was one God or multiple Gods they all saw a void for a need for praise and admiration from their creation. 

In the story Genesis, the world was once full of utter seclusion. God spoke let there be light and there was light. In the story of Yhi the goddess was in deep sleep and was awakened by a loud whistle. Once the goddess opened, her eyes light was formed. Popul Vuh begins in utter seclusion as well and the Gods were surrounded by water and light. At the beginning of every story, the world was full of utter seclusion and the first thing created was light. 

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