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  Hun Hunahpu and his twin brother Vucub were invited down into Maya underworld to play the Mesoamerican ball game by the lords one and seven death. They were told to play certain games and they failed at these games which the penalty was death of both of them and Hun's head was cut off and used to help a tree bear fruit. In the second story of heroes their sons took over and challenged and sent to the underworld. They knew of the tricks that could come their way and avoided them by replacing the tail and keeping their cigar lit with fireflies. There were still tricks that had to over come in the underworld but, eventually passed and did all this revenge of the underworld for their fathers. The other hero story I could talk about that involved surviving in the underworld is that of Dante and the Inferno. Dante was sent to the underworld of Hell to find the meaning between Heaven and Hell. He had to go through Nine circles of Hell that involved many different versions of evil. His quest was to bring wisdom to those of no belief and consequence of those who sin. Although Dante was not sent to Hell he had to find his way to climb through all the levels to reach Heaven and peace for himself and realize the real meaning of religion and spread the word to the others of the benefit of religion.  

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