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My project idea about ( Why Hybrid classes?)

The references should both “blended” and “hybrid” as keywords. You should be searching for every accessible article (in journals or conferences) and book that specifically compares blended/hybrid learning and educational models with face-to-face and online learning. 

Each entry should be in the format below; use that as a template and repeat for each source. Write 1-2 sentences for each item in the annotation.

Last, First Initial. (Year) Title of article. Title of Journal, volume #, pages. doi:

Summary of Argument:

Potential Usefulness for You:


Nelson, D. (2002) Pursuing Privacy in Cold War America. New York: Columbia University Press.

Summary: Nelson argues that the discussions of privacy that emerged in both American poetry and jurisprudence throughout the 1950s and 1960s can be traced to an anxiety about the potential intrusions of the national security state in light of the perceived Soviet threat. At the same time that privacy was most threatened by governmental intrusion, it was being asserted as a new juridical right, a phenomenon that manifests itself equally in Supreme Court decisions and the confessional poetry of authors like Robert Lowell, Sylvia Plath, and Adrienne Rich.

Use: I intend to use this text as a touchstone for my argument about nuclear anxiety and confessional poetry; while Nelson pursues a similar literary trajectory as I do and coordinates it along similar axes, I attempt to adjust her terms to address the fear of imminent destruction rather than questions of ideological paranoia.

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