Lighting Studio Assignment


After reading your lighting chapter, create a pdf that shows that you understand the different types of lighting. This pdf file should be a page per lighting type. You are to go through magazines, the internet, draw an image, etc. and find at least one image for each of the types. Also, write a definition of the type of lighting and brief explanation of why you feel that the image is a great example of the type that you are trying to explain. Again, think about the layout of your pdf.


❖ 10 pictures/pages — one for each type of lighting 

o Recessed downlight

 o Back Lighting 

o Wall Washer 

o Cove Lighting 

o Chandelier 

o Pendant 

o Flush Mount 

o Semi-Flush 

o Wall Sconce 

o Grazing

Book Link: 

*Lighting is on Chapter 5 (starts on pg. 100) *

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