Case Study 2: Write a Ten-Year Letter (Collins, 2009, p. 373)

Thread – Part 1

  • First, complete the Ten-Year Letter exercise for yourself.
  • Provide  a brief update on how your client is doing in the coaching process and  how he/she is progressing toward his/her stated goals.
  • Give  a brief description of the coaching session. Include how you would  introduce and walk your client through the Ten-Year Letter exercise.  Provide a clear rationale that is supported by course material for using  the Ten-Year Letter exercise. How does it help your client reach  his/her goals? What did the client learn from this exercise? How did the  client benefit?
  • This  is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your understanding of the  Ten-Year Letter exercise as explained in the textbook. Make sure you  support your Case Study with in-text citations formatted in current APA  format.

Thread – Part 2

  • Provide  a brief personal reflection of your experiences with this assignment.  What did you learn from completing your own Ten-Year Letter? Was it a  useful exercise? What are some action points that you will implement in  your life based on your Ten-Year Letter? What did you learn from writing  the case study? Could you see yourself using the Ten-Year Letter  exercise with future clients? What did you learn from incorporating the  Ten-Year Letter exercise with your hypothetical client?
  • Write  about which of the 11 ICF Core Competencies (it may be more than 1) is  supported and developed through your integration of this particular  exercise into your session and into your own life. What skills/concepts  are being practiced and developed through integrating this exercise and  how are they connected to the Core Competencies?
  • Your Case Study thread (including the reflection) must be at least 400 words but no more than 800 words.


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