Select a grade level 3-5 and a corresponding standard from the “Common Core State Standards for Mathematical Content on Numbers and Operations: Fractions” to develop a complete lesson plan.  Using the “COE Lesson Plan Template,” align one or more NCTM Process standards with your learning target. Use the “Class Profile” to design an activity supported by the recommendations in the IES report to teach that target.  Develop differentiated activities for the students in the “Class Profile” identified as below grade level, at grade-level, and above grade-level that  Choose one of the following:  Use models in fraction tasks, including area, length, and set/quantity models. Emphasize academic language, including partitioning, sharing tasks, and iterating Explore equivalent fractions. Find technology that would engage and support students who are below grade level, at grade level, and above grade level. Elaborate on this technology in the Instructional Materials, Equipment, and Technology portion of the “COE Lesson Plan Template.”  In the “Teacher Notes” section, use the online resource, "Promoting Mathematical Thinking and Discussion with Effective Questioning Strategies," and the IES report to help identify and describe five potential issues or roadblocks that might happen while delivering the lesson and provide possible solutions to the potential issues.  In addition to your lesson, draft 10 questions that you would ask during your lesson that incorporate the following:  Promote conceptual understandings related to fractions for students whose performance are below grade level, at grade level, and above grade level. Identify potential student misconceptions that could interfere with learning. Create experiences to build accurate conceptual understanding. Activate prior knowledge. Connect concepts, procedures, and applications. Encourage exploration and problem solving. 

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    Lesson Plan

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