Learning Processes Description & Poster


Research the three learning processes covered this week: self-directed, transformative, and experiential learning.

Create a poster to serve as a classroom quick-reference for students that illustrates the three learning processes.

Include the following information for each process:

  • Definition
  • Depictive graphic or image
  • Instructional strategies that support the process
  • Typical application or use of process
  • Strategy to assess learning or growth

Choose one of the learning processes.

Write a 275- to 350-word description of a real or fictitious scenario that would benefit from applying your chosen process for learning.

Include the following in your scenario:

  • Learning environment
  • Desired outcome or learning goal: What will students be able to do or understand after instruction using your process?
  • Justification for use of this process to achieve outcome
  • Instructor role or strategies used
  • How learning or growth will be measured
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