Leadership for Engineering Managers


 This is a pretty easy straight forward assignment. Just need you to watch the lecture/video and do a summary on it. 


Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is help the student develop or refine a better understanding of theories, methods and techniques related to leadership and to articulate how those theories, methods and techniques apply to real projects. 

Instructions:  the assignment must provide: A discussion of the primary elements of the lesson. A discussion of why these elements matter to a engineering manager.

Submission Guidelines: YOUR RESPONSES ARE LIMITED TO 500 WORDS for each submission, so try to make your point clearly and persuasively within the word limit. This rule will help you create or refine the ability to concisely and persuasively argue a point-of-view. 

Also, there is an article and I just need Q1 answered and doesn't have to be very long response. 

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