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Without including names, describe a situation in which you have witnessed a leader acting in an unethical manner. What effect did the leader's actions have on organizational or team performance? If you have not experienced this, try to think of a time when you witnessed highly unethical behavior, and describe the impact that these actions had on organizational or team performance.

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Amy SmithRE: Unit V Discussion Board Question

We have all heard the saying, "do as I say and not as I do".  I had a boss that was very bad at doing things but would be the first one to call a person out for doing it.  She would take long lunches or go shopping on company time or have excessive personal calls.  She was very quick to dock a person's time, though, if they were 5 minutes late coming back from lunch or if they just took 1 personal phone call.  I think you lead by example, not just words.

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