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 I chose the drug business for my crime of choice. The opioid epidemic has become insane. I didn’t realize how bad it was until I got out of the Marines and came back home. Since I’ve been home five people have died from overdose. I live not to far from Memphis TN, so it would be a great use for GIS. In the beginning I would use Pin Mapping to identify where the overdoses are happening. “Pin mapping is perhaps the most elementary of GIS functions, involving merely the location of a dot or symbol at the coordinates of some feature such as locations of schools, polling places, police stations, or crime incidents” (Vann & Garson, N.D.). I would also use it identify crimes that happen that involves drugs. Most of the crime I see on the news is over drugs. After enough data is logged on both I would figure out which areas are the hottest and detail them with Hot-Spot mapping. “This GIS technique uses spatial clustering methods to draw contour lines around areas of concentration” (Vann & Garson, N.D.). I would compare the Pin Mapping overdoses and criminal activity relating to drugs to the hot mapping. I would then put eyes on both and set up a prevention plan and hope to put a dent in whoever is dealing the drugs. There are many other tools like Briefing Maps and Pattern detection as well. There are plenty of services from GIS that can aid in preventing any type of crime. Upon researching I learned that basically everyone uses some sort of GIS. My current place of employment actually uses it. The detail on mapping and process on purchases was really eye opening 

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