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What is the benefit of accurate report writing in law enforcement intelligence operations insofar as having an influence in operational decisions? A written report is often the first impression an officer makes on commanding officers, lawyers, or judges – and a poorly written report can cause an inaccurate portrayal of competence level. Additionally, it can also mean the difference between a rightful conviction and an erroneous release of a guilty person. On the other hand, an accurate and intelligent report can make a positive first impression and can lead to new opportunities for the future. It may sound dramatic, but the consequences for not being able to write well can be significant when you are writing documents to be used in a legal setting. Attorneys in criminal cases are looking for anything that they can use to support their cases, and if your reports fail to accurately articulate the facts, they will use that as evidence to exonerate their clients. Not to mention, if your reports are consistently poorly written, riddled with errors, or a grammatical mess, you are not representing your agency in the best possible light.

2.  What intelligence value is gained by a police department that provides street officers with training in collecting and documenting information they receive on the streets while working their assigned sectors or beats?

Officers should be assigned to neighborhoods on a long-term basis. Stability is essential to developing positive relationships and building trust. It provides officers an opportunity to learn more about and participate in the life of the community. When officers “interact with the same people on a face-to-face basis each day, allows average citizens formal and informal input. People have the chance to help set local police priorities and to develop creative solutions to community problems

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