Languages and Conation



1A. Popular Languages

There are many programming (and scripting) languages that are used to develop device operating systems and applications. (Note: Charts might be useful in this analysis.)

  1. What languages seem to be used the      most to create PC/Mac operating systems? Why?
  2. What languages seem to be used to      create mobile operating systems? Why?
  3. What languages are used most often      for Web applications? Why?
  4. What languages are used most often      for Android and/or IOS mobile applications? Why?
  5. Of all of these languages, what      are the top three?  
  6. Within your field of study, what      languages would best serve you going forward? Why?

Be sure to cite your research according to the guidelines found in Student Success Center.

1B. Python Conation

  1. As you have been introduced to      Python and programming over the past few weeks, what have you found most      interesting?
  2. How can you use what you have      learned in future applications?
  3. Do you feel that Python provides a      reasonable platform for learning computer science? Engineering? IT?      Business technologies?
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