Lab Report


Lab Report

Publishing scientific papers is necessary for researchers to receive credit for their work, to inform the community (and world) of their findings, and to promote further discussion, research and funding for the field in which they work.

You will be doing the same with one of your laboratory experiments.  Your groupwill submit a typed lab report, organized like a scientific paper, including each of the following sections.

ABSTRACT: (1 paragraph)

This is a quick summary of the experiment and findings.

INTRODUCTION: (0.5 – 1 page)

Describe the phenomena being studies and the scientific question you are trying to answer.  What is the purpose of the study…why is it important?  What were your predicted outcomes?

METHODS: (0.5 – 1 page)

Describe the instruments/gear and methods used to conduct the scientific research.  Discuss any advantages or limitations of the gear/methods.  This is a description of your equipment list and procedure.  It is also acceptable to include a drawing (numbered like the results below) demonstrating the lab set-up.  If you selected to change your procedure for the second attempt, this is where you discuss what changes you made and why.  This should be written in paragraph form!

RESULTS: (2-3 figures)

The results should be presented as tables, graphs, or charts.  Each figure should include a caption explaining the content and source of the data.  Figures should be numbered for reference in the text portion of the paper.  This should represent all of your data (good and bad) from the experiment

DISCUSSION: (~1-2 pages)

This section should include an explanation of the results.  Do findings agree or disagree with one another?  Do they agree or disagree with your predictions?  What are the implications of the results?  What problems did you encounter?  What are your sources of error? (Did your changes to the procedure improve your data and results?)

CONCLUSION: (0.5 - 1page)

Summarize the questions, answers and major implications.  What would you have done differently?  What do you think should be the next step?  What questions remain?  What new questions arise?

NOTE:  Papers should be 2.5 – 5 typed pages, using double spacing (length applies to text only, not figures).  Use headings listed above to separate sections.

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