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John, a 16-year-old minor, went to a Fast Eddie’s used car dealership with his aunt and grandmother.  John purchased a used car in “as is” condition. The purchaser was listed as the John; his relatives were not on the agreements.  John discovered later that the axle was bent and he returned the car with a demand for a refund of the $2,000 purchase price. The dealer refused to give a refund, citing the assistance and consulting by the aunt and grandmother not to buy the car. The aunt gave John the money and he purchased the car anyway.   The dealer reiterated that it was John’s choice to purchase the car anyway and he should live with his choices.

Do you believe that it is ethically correct for a business to sell a product that is defective and not be willing to provide a refund?   Should the term “buyer beware” allow sellers to sell defective products, property or land “as is” without any consequences?  Specifically, in the case of John v. Fast Eddie, what defense is John likely to raise and do you believe it will be successful in his getting a refund of the purchase price?

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