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Human trafficking is not my problem, but a problem with humanity however it is a thinkable problem.  But I am not the only one who thinks about this problem.  I think my topic maybe beyond what Professor Arsham was trying to discuss but human trafficking is definitely a thinkable problem.

Human trafficking is everyone’s business and is necessary for all of us to think about it however we are not the ones deciding how this will be vanquished.  If we allow ourselves to either be ignorant of the issue or take part in any business that does have a hand in human trafficking then we are just adding to the problem.

I myself do not have enough information to start strategic thinking but there are many public safety professionals throughout the world who have done this.  The information can be both explicit and tacit, especially if it is regarding what businesses use trafficking and who is responsible for bringing into the communities we live and work.

How long should I think about it?  I have invested a lot of time myself in informing my Sailors about this problem, especially when we are in foreign countries.  I have also invested a lot of time researching this problem while writing my analysis however I lack the authority to do anything about this sadly except for being a good witness if I were to come into contact with any sort of trafficking.

Implementing any decisions and monitoring actions would have to be with the professionals who are trained to handle this issue.  I have thought of many good ideas, however, and plan on making recommendations during this part of the assignment.


Arsham, H. (2017). Thinkable Decisions and the Economy of Strategic Thinking. Retrieved from Leadership Decision Making:

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