just find and list the elements



I have reposted our old friend Ted Kennedy's statement in the documents section in case you need it. I want you to find the semantic elements in each sentence. Don't worry about interpreting what they mean, just find and list the elements. We will discuss what each means in a forum for the next assignment. For the format of the assignment, list the phrase or word that is a semantic indicator and then tell me what it is. For example, "We pulled up front, then he ran out of the store - the word 'then' indicates a temporal lacuna." Don't worry about the MLU, prologue, CI, or epilogue 

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    semantic issues

    This is sentence #14 in the Kennedy statement:

    "When I fully realized what had happened this morning, I immediately contacted the police."

    The sentence is 14 words long and thus is …

  • Question 1: This is sentence #3 in the Kennedy statement and is the end of the prologue

    "After proceeding for approximately one-half mile on Dike Road I descended a hill and came upon a …