JOURNAL: Refugees of War and Conflict (1-2 Pages)


Must watch these 2 videos: [NATO and EU step up refugee rescue efforts in Aegean Sea] [How Should Europe Deal With Refugees?]

Describe the main actors involved in the refugee crisis (as seen with system-, state- or individual-level analysis).  Who are the actors (nation-states, IGOs/NGOs, or individuals) involved in the crisis?  What agencies (UN, regional, etc) are affecting the situation?  What has been done to resolve this issue?  What should be done to help continue this progress toward a resolution? [1-2 pages]

Along with the PBS Newshour sources, include at least  three (3) additional news sources on the topic to back up your analysis.  [Due FRIDAY @ 11.59 PM]

Full and accurate MLA citation for the news article(s) you use.  Points will be deducted if no source is cited, or the citation is inaccurate.

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