JD:Week 7: Discussion Questions


Prior to 9/11, a terrorist attack was an internal issue for the victim state, or the country or nation against which a terrorist attack occurred. For this reason, countries with a longer history in dealing with terrorism than the U.S., like Germany, Britain, Israel, and Peru established special military forces to prevent and eliminate terrorist attacks immediately as threats arose. However, these countries are a lot smaller and easier to guard compared to the United States. Legislation such as the USA Patriot Act, Transportation Security Act, Homeland Security Act, and the Comprehensive Homeland Security Act was designed to be more comprehensive in that the government has access to wider scopes of information and employs stricter regulations in areas like public transportation compared to the countries mentioned above. However, since 9/11 and the proliferation of terrorist organizations, terrorism has come to the forefront as a major global problem that should be combated internationally. In 2006, the United Nations (UN), created a global strategy to counterterrorism and has encouraged members, including the United States, to cooperate and collaborate on counterterrorism efforts.

To prepare for this Discussion:

Review the assigned pages in Chapter 9 in the course text Terrorism in Perspective. Consider how the international response to terrorism has or might influence U.S. counterterrorism laws and policies.

  • Review the assigned pages in Chapter 8 in the course text Introduction to Homeland Security. Reflect on the counterterrorism laws or policies in other countries.
  • Review the article "The politics of preemption and the war on terror in Europe" and the online articles "EU to adopt new laws on terrorism" and "Counter-terrorism Act 2008." Consider counterterrorism laws and policies in other countries. Think about how each might influence U.S. counterterrorism policy.
  • Select a country that is actively involved in counterterrorism efforts.
  • Using the Internet and/or Walden's Library, research the counterterrorism laws and policies of the country you have selected. Be sure to focus on the laws and policies that differ from U.S. laws and policies.
  • Consider how the laws and policies of the country you selected, have influenced or might influence U.S. counterterrorism laws and policies.

Required Readings:

  • Course Text: Mahan, S., & Griset, P. L. (2013). Terrorism in perspective (3rd ed.). Los Angeles: Sage.
    • Chapter 9, "Counterterrorism" (pp. 307-322)
  • Course Text: McEntire, D. A. (2019). Introduction to homeland security: Understanding terrorism with emergency management (2nd ed.). New York: Wiley.
    • Chapter 8, "Preventing Terrorist Attacks: Root Causes, Law, Intelligence, and Counterterrorism"

 Article: De Goede, M. (2008). The politics of preemption and the war on terror in Europe. European Journal of International Relations, 14(1), 161–1 85.
Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.

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