IT474: Web Design and Development


  Chapter 2 Discussion: "Hands-On" Exercises 

  1. Write the HTML to display your name with the largest heading element. Provide Screenshot for output.
  2. Think of a favorite quotation by someone you admire. Write the HTML code to display the person’s name in a heading and the quotation in a blockquote element. Provide Screenshot for output.

Not more than 350 words total. Respond to at least two other students (150 words each peer)!!

2. Two (2) paragraphs (350 Words total) discussion response to main DQ questions. In addition, respond with two (2) students/Peers to Peer (identify peers) or two classmates. The responses should 150 words each and must focus on the discussion topic above. Examine related issues, ask questions, provide hypothesis and/or situation(s). A peer response may not be to a peer already responded to more than twice.

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