ISS 210 Society, the Individual, & Video Games (W4)


 All reading materials:

International Relations

1. InternationalRelations_ReadMe (Requirements of Assignment)

2. Everyone Reads

1) A New Video Game Drops Players Into the Chaos of the Iranian Revolution _ VICE News

2) Emotional responses to papers, please

3) The Hidden Politics of Video Games - POLITICO Magazine

4) Using Videogames to Teach International Relations _ International Affairs Review

5) Video Games and IR_ The Time Gaming Tricked You Into Politics – NAOC

3. Civiliation Gamers Read

1) Representation of Islam in Video Games

4. Fable 3 Gamers Read

1) Fable 3 preview_ It's the economy, stupid

2) Political Economy of Monarchy and Democracy _ Mises Institute

5. Skyrim Gamers Read

1) Letters and Diaries of Soldiers and Civilians

2) Playing as a Woman as a Woman as if a Man

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