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Lamonze Parker 

 6/25/20, 4:59 PM        

Hello Class and professor,

The real problem with having an international code of ethics is the cultural differences in different countries. You may choose to not do business with countries who have strict guidelines on something like sensuality, religion or political views. Implementation of a universal code may no go over well. Apple operates in China and the labor laws are very different there than they are here. Having a international code of ethics could possibly stop production in that country forcing the price of phone to go up if they are produced elsewhere . As much as I disagree with the standard held in different countries you can’t argue with the facts. We want justice but most of us don’t want to pay for it. The best standard is to have a region specific guide line that you want your business to abide by. Keep in mind that you can’t highlight production facilities in different countries on your daily reports if they have less than practical working policies. Try to find places with like minded views to work with in order to align with your standards. 


Pepsico. (2020). Pepsico Global Code Of Ethics. Retrieved from,prohibits%20harassment%20in%20the%20workplace

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