Introduction to American Government


**** You must used American Government and Politics: Deliberation, Democracy and citizenship 2013 TEXTBOOK by Joseph M, Bessette, John J Pitney to do this assignment.

You can find the textbook at

Answer the three question

1) In Chapter 10 in American Government and Politics.

Do current laws that regulate campaign finances in political campaigns successfully fulfill the purpose of those laws? - Or is the purpose of those laws still unfulfilled?

Length: 350 words

2)  In Chapter 11 in American Government and Politics.

Using your readings and your general awareness of social media, explain how the growth of social media platforms could help or harm American democracy?

Length: 350 words


3) In Ch. 12 in American Government and Politics.

Reflecting on and using only your chapter on the Congress and the assigned Federalist essays on the Congress, explain whether the Congress today functions as the framers of the Constitution intended.

Length: 350 words 

****Again you must used the textbook to do each question.

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