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Virtual Geology Gallery

Take us on a virtual gallery of the earth.  A gallery usually consists of images and explanations of those images.  After reviewing Chapter 21 & 22 in your textbook, select a topic about which to create a virtual gallery.  Examples include, a tour of the earth’s interior, continental drift & seafloor spreading, plate tectonics, volcanoes, earthquakes, mountain formation, rocks, or minerals.  Choose a topic and explain the process in detail. 

Using PowerPoint, create your virtual gallery including all of the following:

·  A title slide with your topic(s) and name.

·  At least 5 slides about your topic.

·  Each slide should contain an image and title or bullet points of information.  Make sure to credit your images.

·  In addition for each slide, using the Speaker’s Notes area, include a paragraph about the process displayed on the slide.

·  Make sure you paraphrase (do not quote) and cite your information to display your understanding. 

·  Include a slide of references. 

You should have a minimum of seven total slides in your gallery. Upload your virtual gallery as a PowerPoint presentation within the assignment area.

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