Intro to Gender

Write a 4 to 6 (Full pages) page paper on gender roles/representation in a fictional TV series (no “reality TV”; animated series, e.g., Family Guy, are fine) that you currently watch. Comment critically on the portrayal of gender in one or two regular or occasional characters on the series; youmight center on the representation of male and/orfemale characters or characters that transcend the gender binary of male/female. In addition, youmight also look at the ways that gender intersects with race/ethnicity/age/sexuality-sexual orientation in the portrayal of a particular character(s) – their occupational roles, relationship, andfamily roles, etc. Some issues to consider when analyzing characters: *roles and occupations within the series (leading, secondary?) and genre (e.g., crime, medical, family sitcom, etc.); relation to other characters; *age and physical appearance/attention to appearance; * depiction of sexuality/sexual relationships; *representation of friendship; *parenthood/family-work dynamics; *education/school issues; * explicit discussion of gender issues (You can write about a single episode as typical of the series or write about the series as a whole.)Integrate and reference reading materials. Please write this in essay format not bulleted!

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