Interview Writeup (Gathering Sources for your Research Paper, Part 3 cont.)



ILO: Construct a text that incorporates critical reading, analyzing, and interaction with sources.

  • Write out the interview as an interview article. This will help you to incorporate it into your paper. You can use parts of this assignment in your paper as a source verbatim.
  • Guidelines for writing up the interview:
  • Interviewer not present in text after the first paragraph.(You introduce the scene, but refrain from using first person after the first paragraph).
  • At all costs, refrain from “I asked, …. He said ….” It’s pretty easy to allow the question to be implied by what you write. For example, instead of writing “I asked if he thought abortion was ever justified. He said no.” You can write “Professor X does not believe that abortion is ever justified.”
  • Maintain academic language, especially the lack of superlatives. Resist the urge to tell me what an incredible person your interviewee is or how great they are.
  • Direct quote: According to Professor X, “Vegetarianism has been proven to be the healthiest type of diet” (in-text citation)
  • Indirect quote: Professor X claims that vegetarianism is the healthiest type of diet (in-text citation).
  • Use both direct and indirect quotes (though in this paper you don’t need to cite, since the whole paper is your interview. You will need to cite if you use it in your researched argument paper.)
  • See example paper for guidance (though it’s not perfect. These guidelines overrule anything in the sample paper).
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