Interview Preparation


  Your written response to this discussion prompt assesses your ability to (a) explain the skills and strategies needed to develop and maintain effective professional partnerships, (b) summarize effective methods to communicate with all stakeholders, considering their individual interests, priorities, and cultural differences for programming of students with disabilities, (c) clarify the potential challenges in the process of collaboration in the public school setting, (d) critique proactive methods for interactive and effective communication with those of differing perspectives, and (e) specify the essential elements and professional roles for developing a quality collaborative process for the co-teaching model. 

Create and post a list of 8-10 possible questions to ask a special education teacher and a general education teacher in your interview in Week Three.  Formulate your questions so that you will be able  to uncover the teachers’ opinions on and experience with  collaboration, communication, problem solving, working with and meeting the needs of a diverse populations, and service delivery models.  In Week Four, you will create a summary about your interviews, which will include the following topics that will guide your creation of questions:

  • The greatest barriers in communication and collaboration, as well as solutions to overcome barriers. 
  • How problem solving strategies are used to promote effective communication and collaboration with stakeholders, such as parents, students, other school personnel, resource specialists, and community transition liaisons.
  • The impact of service delivery models on collaboration and communication.
  • Strengths and weaknesses of different service delivery models and ways to overcome issues and conflict.
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