International Business



1. 20% - Does TCL need a second home market? How does expansion into new geographies add value? What did it learn from the Neotel experience?

2. 20% - Is Russia a suitable home market for TCL? How does it compare with other emerging market options?

3. 20% - What are the various entry options for a market like Russia? Compare and contrast acquisitions with alliances as well as with organic/ own play.

4. 20% - Evaluate Pascal as an appropriate entry vehicle into Russia. What are its strengths and weaknesses?

5. 20% - What challenges or risks would TCL face if it acquired Pascal?

100% Total

6. Bonus Points (10%) If TCL were to decide to pursue an investment in Pascal, what should be the valuation? Please state your assumptions.


Must use the IRAC method

 Each question must be between 800 - 1000 words, double spaced. 

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