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Data collection, analysis, and application is big business. This is the foundation of business intelligence. This week I’d like for you to share here what your experiences are with big data and the businesses that use it. You may feel that the data Facebook collects on you is invasive or beneficial. You may look at what the government has on you threatening or reassuring (since they have even more on the bad guys). Now don’t everyone go picking on Facebook and Google. You don’t even need to make this personal. Business intelligence could be data about competitors. It can be business or government. The list is long, and I’d like to see some creative thinking out there.

Even in my industry, Cybersecurity, there are many cyber threat intelligence sources that I access daily to know what’s going on in the world that could be threatening my Bank. It’s my job to protect your money. What would you think of a CISO that didn’t keep a finger on the pulse of malicious activity in the financial sector? What types of threats affect your business and where do you go for information about that? Get creative out there!

300 words APA format with intext citations and references.

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