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This presentation should summarize what you learned by completing your CRP (Career Research Project). You need to plan your presentation. Include before, during and after assignment thoughts. If you use outside resources, cite your sources with the presentation. While completing this presentation you should use several of the PowerPoint features you learned while completing the PowerPoint Tutorials assignment including: themes, transitions, lists, pictures, animation and audio. This Student Presentation assignment is worth 25 points.

You are required to follow Guy Kawasaki's 10 20 30 rule. This rule is you should have no more than 10 slides, you should not talk for more than 20 minutes and you should not use a font size that is less than 30 points. Look Guy up and see what his background is. Check out his web page. He explains the rule nicely in this short video:

If you did not submit Phase 5 of the CRP, you are to create a presentation selling this course to another student. You must follow all of the requirements listed above. 

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