Information security and Risk management Project



This presentation must be supported by the research paper.

Please note the following criteria:

Research paper:

Research Paper must be in APA Style

Research Paper must have at least 5 works cited (note your book can be included as a reference)

Must be at least 10 double-spaced pages with standard 1 inch margins.

6 – 8 pages of prose

Limit the number of bulleted lists

Prose + charts + figures = 10 pages

Total report should be 10 – 15 pages


Task 1: Research Paper 10 -15 pages

Task 2 : PowerPoint Presentation 10 - 12 slides

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    · Conduct a Risk Assessment

    · Create a Risk Mitigation Plan

    · What laws, treaties or conditions apply?

    · Perform a BIA

    · Create a BCP

    · Create a DRP

    · Create a CIRT

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