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Discussion Question for Ch. 10: Of the 4 Information Governance Best Practices on page 190 of your textbook pick one and provide pros and cons of implementing at your workplace.

Discussion Question for Ch. 11: What security risk do you feel is the biggest challenge to overcome and how do you lower the risk of impact if it happened?

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    Rosie 2

  • Chapter 13 – According to Franks and Smallwood (2013), information has become the lifeblood of every business organization, and that an increasing volume of information today has …

  • Read Chapter 4 discusses in details on risk planning and management. Should any identified risk be mitigated, or there could be some criteria that governs that? Discuss this matter and provide …

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    info Governance

    WK 2: Chapters 3/4/5 Question 2: Discussion Forum Options Menu: Forum

    Q2:In order to have a successful IG program, one of the eight (8) Information Risk Planning and Management step is to develop metrics …

  • Read Chapter 3startswith the identification and theintroduction of the Principles, and the characteristics of a successful IG program. Identifythese Principles, …

  • With all the risks of cellphone apps and security today, would you agree to allow employees use their own phones in the workplace?

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    Chapter -8 IG

    Chapter Eight (8):Information Governance and Legal Functions: According to the authors, Smallwood, Kahn, and Murphy, IG is perhaps one of the functional areas that impact legal functions …

  • After reading Chapter 1in your textbook,please provide a brief response to the following assessment question.

    Q1: Organizations are struggling to reduce and right-size their …

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    Discussion 3

    Executive sponsorship is critical to project success. There is no substitute. Without it, a project is at risk of failure. What is your opinion?

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