Information Assurance Audit (Due 20 May) (5 Pages) (5 References)



1) APA 7th Ed format (to include introduction and conclusion)

2) Due 20 May

3) 5 Page minimum (not including title page and APA references)

4) Minimum of 5 References (including the 4 provided/uploaded)

5) Plagiarism-Free

Background/Required Reading/REQUIRED References:

· Moeller, R. R. (2013). Executive’s guide to IT governance: Improving system processes with service management, COBIT and ITIL. John Wiley & Sons, ISBN:9781118138618, Cht 5, bookid=52724. (UPLOADED)


· NIST Cybersecurity Framework Explained -

· Implementing the NIST Cybersecurity Framework 1.1 Using Cobit 2019 - 


When you've read the required articles and conducted additional research, compose a 5-page (not counting the cover and references) paper on the topic:

You are a consultant and you have been asked to develop the information security incident response plan for the Raising Dough Baking Company (a fictitious company), a statewide business that employs over three hundred people. Raising Dough collects online orders from homes and small businesses and delivers its products via a company-owned fleet of trucks (think Amazon on a small scale).

· Discuss how to conduct an Information Assurance Audit using the NIST Security Framework

· Demonstrating how COBIT is used in the audit. 

· The company does not currently have a security incident response plan. Discuss how to develop such a plan using the principles of NIST Security Framework. 

· Explain how this process will be audited. 

· Show how your Incident Response Plan and Audit Plan will respond to incidents using the NIST Security Framework.

· Include a conclusion

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