Indonesia essay


eflect on your learning in the class and performance project(s) and
link it to readings where possible. 4 pp. 12 point Times New Roman, 1 1/2 spacing.

Process Paper: "What is the relation of music dance and character type in a dance you did? How does costume define character and affect dance? How
is narrative used in similar ways to Western drama/musical and how is it different? What type
of "cultural learning" comes through performance practice? How do character, story, sound
interact within dance drama realization?”

Remember that your process paper will be discussing YOUR personal experience and learning in doing Kecak. It is not a general paper about Balinese or Indonesian dance. It is about the moving, singing, story, costume, rehearsals you experienced and what they meant to you or the audience in Santa Cruz. You can of course reference any readings--but you should be writing about what you understood and experienced. It is not a general report on outside readings. There is no need to do additional readings--though you can of course use the ideas on Kecak from the essays on canvas. You will be discussing your performance here at Porter or Second Stage. It is not a paper about Balinese Dance, just your personal experience of Balinese dance and what you found useful or frustrating.

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