Individual end of semester project


 Individual end of semester project: (is in lieu of final exam)

  Each student will choose a company with international operations. 

 Each student will state a specific problem to be answered throughout the project report.

  Each student report should include the following: - Executive summary: include brief summary of the company, statement of the problem and recommendations - Clearly identify the problem and why resolving the problem is critical to the company - International trade and commerce concepts as they relate to the company - Provide specific and practical strategic recommendations, for example, what the company could do to prevent the recurrence of the problem - What you learned from the case study

  Each group report will need to cite any resources used for the project. 

 The Project report should be typed, 7 to 10 pages long in APA writing format. Double-spaced, Calibri 12-point font, with 1” margin all around. 

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