Image processing


Q1: Calculate the Transformation matrix for the following equation

????1−1 ????2−1

????(????1,????2)= ∑ ∑ ????(????1,????2)cos(????????1????1)????????2????2

????1=0 ????2=0
????1 =????2 =3


  1. What is meant by top down approach and Bottom up approach in Edge Detection?
  2. What is meant by edge in an image, a Laplacian of Gaussian gradient, and a single gradient operator?
  3. What is the difference between Canny and Marr in edge detection?
  4. What is meant by image segmentation, whether edge detection is an important step?
  5. What is meant by Image enhancement, what are problems with it ?
  6. What is Image Restoration?
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