IG Issues, Approaches, and Opportunities for Improvement-3000 words

  • Choose a subject area that requires strong IG. Some examples may be marketing, privacy and security, E-Mail & text messaging, social media, mobile device use, cloud computing. Research current issues and governance approaches.
  • Write a paper that addresses one aspect of IG as it relates to your subject.

Include the following:

  • Background of the specific subject area
  • Current issues
  • Current approaches
  • Suggestions for improvement
  • Minimum word count =3000 (12 double-spaced pages of content)
  • Minimum cited references = 5
  • Paper must be fully formatted according to APA style with header, no plagiarism, title page, abstract, in-text citations, and final references


  • Impacts to specific industries
  • Impacts to specific organization
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